It looks like I am the first to post an article on futures.

Futures are the best user friendly and small investor friendly investment vehicle. There are no restrictive rules favoring market makers and big investment houses and giving them unfair advantage over small investor. Great information about futures and eminis are available of following exchanges websites. Great and free board is What is great about futures and especially eminis is the fact that you can educate yourself inexpensively and if your personality is compatible with trading endeavour you can start your trading enterprise below $10,000. There is no other small bussiness like that. You must realize that trading is a bussiness, requires discipline, education and strict money management. Failure rate in small bussiness is about 80% and it is the same in trading. If you decide to educate yourself and possibly enter into trading futures, you will find that there are million vendors selling worthless information or reselling information that is available on the web for free. How do you sort out the good stuff ? Go on the and do the search. There are many review there. When you find a vendor who you like, ask for the free trial.They should be able to show you at least their delayed, recent stuff.Just to give you an idea how good guys operate do search on Dan Zanger, Mark Fisher, read books by Schwagger,Faith, Kaufman. As far as actual emini trading education is concerned, there is really not much quality offerings.The best educational site is, feel free to add another if you find it but make sure that quality compares .