Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd. [[image:]]
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1East Changan Avenue,

Oriental Plaza
Beijing, 100738
86 10 8518 5620
Fax: 86 10 8518 5616


Rubber & Plastics
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Founded in 2003, Fuwei Films (Holdings) its products are used in consumer based packaging, such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tobacco, and alcohol industries; imaging, such as masking film, printing plates, and microfilms; electronics and electrical industries, such as wire and cable wrap, capacitors and motor insulation; and in magnetic products, such as audio and video tapes. The company markets its products under the brand name 'Fuwei Films' in the United States, Japan, southeast Asia, and the People's Republic of China.


Fuwei Films


  • printing base film
  • stamping foil base film
  • metallization film or aluminum plating base film
  • laser holographic base film
  • single/double surface matte film
  • anti-counterfeit film
  • chemical pretreated film
  • high-gloss film

Subsidiary CompaniesEdit

Shandong Fuwei Films Co., Ltd. - develops, manufactures, and distributes plastic films using the biaxial oriented stretch technique, otherwise known as BOPET film (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate).

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