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The following analysis grid appears in pages 331 and 332 of the Benjamim Graham book The Intelligent Investor (rev. ed. of 2003). This grid is divided in five sections, and was slightly adapted from the Graham's book.

  • A. Capitalization
  1. Price of common (latest)
  2. Number of shares of common
  3. Market value of common
  4. Bonds and prefered stock
  5. Total capitalization
  • B. Income Items (last financial year)
  1. Sales
  2. Net income
  3. Earned per share
  4. Earned per share, average of last 3 years
  5. Earned per share, 3 year average, 5 years ago
  6. Earned per share, 3 year average, 10 years ago
  7. Current dividend
  • C. Balance-sheet Items
  1. Current assets
  2. Current liabilities
  3. Net assets for common stock
  4. Book value per share
  • D. Ratios
  1. Price / earnings (last year)
  2. Price / earnings, average of the last 3 years
  3. Price / book value
  4. Net / sales
  5. Net per share / book value
  6. Divident yield
  7. Current assets to current liabilities
  8. Working capital / debt
  9. Earnings growth per share:
    1. 5 year: (B4) vs. (B5)
    2. 10 year: (B4) vs. (B6)
  • E. Price Record
  1. Absolute low
  2. Absolute high
  3. Last year low
  4. This year high

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