Deciding on a brokerage Edit

In choosing a brokerage, it is not enough to know what the commissions are. It is also important to know what it is that you want out it, as not all brokerages are the same. Aside from cost of buying and selling stock, what kind of research is being made available. What other services exist?

If all you want is to buy and sell and nothing else, then going for the lowest commission rate is best. On the other hand, maybe you could use better access to research. For example, would you like access to Standard & Poors Research? You could go directly to Standard & Poor and pay them upfront. Or alternatively you could choose to use one of the Brokerages that provide their research as part of their own research package.

Once you know what you looking for in a brokerage, you can more effectively select one for your own use.

Comparison Chart Edit

Brokerage Website Commission NewsChartsScreeningAlertsMin. Funding
A.B.Watley Direct 9.95YesYesYes?
Accutrade 29.95 YesYesYes?
Barry Murphy & Company 29.95 YesYesNo?
Cambridge Discount Brokerage 15.00NoNoNo?
Charles Schwab 12.95 YesYesYesYes
Cutter & Co. Brokerage 25.00 YesYesYes?
Cybertrader 9.95 YesYesYes?
Downstate Securities Group 20.00 YesYesYes?
Fidelity Brokerage Services ? YesYesYes?
First Discount Brokerage 19.75YesYesNo?
First Trade Securities 6.95YesYesYes?
Freedom Investments 15.00YesYesNo?
Geared Trading
Gorilla Trades 5.00YesYesYes?
Investrade Discount Securities 7.95YesYesNo?
Interactive Brokers 1.00????USD5k
Mercantile Brokerage Services 18.00YesYesYes?
Muriel Siebert & Company 14.95YesYesYes?
Mytrack 12.95YesYesYes?
Netvest 14.00YesYesYes?
Online Brokerage Services 7.95YesYesYes?
Regal Discount 11.95YesYesNo?
Seaport Securities 14.95YesYesYes?
Securities Research 35.00YesYesYes?
Sloan Securities Corp 19.95YesYesYes?
Stockcross Financial Services 20.30YesYesNo?
TD Ameritrade 9.95 YesYesYes?
Vanguard Brokerage Services 25.00YesYesYes?
Well Fargo Investments 19.95YesYesYes?

Schwab Edit

Besides the website, Charles Schwab can be access via phone or at one it many offices located across the country. Plus you can trade in Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options, and Futures.