About the Screen

This screen focuses on the Standard and Poors universe of stocks, and in particular focuses on the use of their star rating system, with extra restrictions to keep things manageable.

Criterion for Buying and Selling


  1. Security should be at least $5 but not more than $19.
  2. Must have a star rating of at least 4 stars.
  3. Must have a earnings and dividend rank of at a B.
  4. Five year revenue growth of at least 5% or more.

Hold required if passing shadow criteria

Sell conditions:

  1. No longer meets any of the last three buying conditions.
  2. Price exceeds $21.

Current Portfolio

As of 11/7/2008

Cash Position = -220.14
Portfolio Value = 360.39
13 Wk Gain = -11.54%
26 Wk Gain = -9.89%
52 Wk Gain = 1.14%


The idea here, is to take advantage of the evaluations done by someone whose judgement we think can be trusted. In this case, Standard and Poors. In theory, any stock good enough to be rated by Standard and Poors should do okay. In reality, some will do better than others, and Standard and Poors has provided us with a rating system that divides the S&P universe into five tiers, which allows us to narrow down the list of who we want to be looking at. Since the number of passing companies was still rather sizable, I added a couple of other conditions that I believe will create a better though smaller list of companies to go into. --Kirk 00:45, 14 May 2007 (UTC)