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Dividend: None
Institutional Ownership: 37.22%

SigmaTron International

Telephone: 708-956-8000


Industry: Semiconductors/Components

The Company provides a range of manufacturing related outsourcing solutions for its customers on both a turnkey basis (material purchased by the Company) and consignment basis (material provided by the customer). These solutions incorporate the Company's knowledge and expertise in the EMS industry to provide its customers with advanced manufacturing technologies, high quality, and responsive and flexible manufacturing services. The Company's EMS solutions provide services from product inception through the ultimate delivery of a finished good. Such technologies and services include the following:

Manufacturing and Related Services. As its customers experience greater competition and shorter product life cycles in their respective industries, the Company has responded by expanding its existing prototype services. The Company provides quick-turnaround, turnkey prototype services at all of its locations.

Materials Procurement. The Company is primarily a turnkey manufacturer and directly sources all, or a substantial portion, of the components necessary for its product assemblies, rather than receiving the raw materials from its customers on consignment. Material procurement includes the purchasing, management, storage and delivery of raw components required for the manufacture or assembly of a customer's product based upon the customer's orders. The Company procures components from a select group of vendors which meet its standards for timely delivery, high quality and cost effectiveness, or as directed by its customers. Raw materials used in the assembly and manufacture of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies are generally available from several suppliers, unless restricted by the customer.

Assembly and Manufacturing. The Company's core business is the assembly of printed circuit boards through the automated and manual insertion of components onto raw printed circuit boards. The Company offers its assembly services using both pin-through-hole ("PTH") and surface mount ("SMT") interconnect technologies at all of its manufacturing locations. SMT is an assembly process which allows the placement of a higher density of components directly on both sides of a printed circuit board. The SMT process is an advancement over the mature PTH technology, which normally permits electronic components to be attached to only one side of a printed circuit board by inserting the component into holes drilled through the board. The SMT process allows original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") to use advanced circuitry, while at the same time permitting the placement of a greater number of components on a printed circuit board without having to increase the size of the board.

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